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Sokkia SRX5 Total Station

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BDC70 Li-ion Battery

Fully robotic and fully tracking, this auto-pointing total station makes single-operator measuring easy. The SRX’s complete remote control system helps eliminate operator stress and boosts productivity. The system emits a laser fan beam that is detected by the RC detector unit in the total station’s handle. The SRX then rotates in the direction of the prism, auto-points, and begins measuring immediately. The unit always rotates in the shortest direction to speed up target acquisition. The SRX allows for smooth measurement even when obstructions such as buildings, trees, or passing traffic interrupt the line of sight. If target loss occurs, simply press the measurement key and the remote control unit will automatically capture the prism using the on-board directional sensor. In addition, the false sighting recovery feature quickly calls the SRX back to the prism if the unit is detected sighting another reflective object. Utilizing RED-tech EX (REvolutionary Digital processing EDM technology), the SRX provides precise distance measurements over a variety of measurement ranges. RED-tech EX uses one laser beam for measuring and pointing, so you measure exactly what you see. A targeting sensor developed especially for the SRX ensures fast, accurate results with high repeatability using both Auto-Tracking and Auto-Pointing modes. Equipped with Bluetooth® technology, the SRX is completely wireless and features a CompactFlash card slot for Type II cards up to 1GB, a USB port, and a waterproof multi port. Sokkia’s original SFX technology also allows for long-range data transfer via the Internet. The Windows CE-based SDR operating system makes operation easy. The SRX’s user-friendly design incorporates a removable ergonomic handle, a high-performance telescope unit that makes rough sighting easy even when wearing a hard hat, and a color LCD touch panel display with high angle visibility and subtle contrast for maximum visibility. Includes robotic total station, prism, and prism pole. Standard accessories include a rechargeable Li-ion battery, quick charger with power cable, tubular compass, lens cap, lens hood, plumb bob, tool kit, wiping cloth, vinyl cover, CD-ROM, 2 styluses, operator’s manual, quick manual, laser caution sign board, and carrying case with shoulder strap.

Brand: Sokkia
MPN: 221007000
UNSPSC: 41114200

SRX5 Total Station Angle Measurement: Photoelectrical absolute encoder scanning. Both circles adopt diametrical detection. Display Resolutions (selectable): 1”/5”, 0.2/1mg, 0.005/0.02mil. Accuracy: 5”/1.5mg/0.025mil. Automatic Dual-Axis Compensator: Dual-axis liquid tilt sensor, Working range, ±4’ (±74mg), out-of-range warning display and audio beep provided. Distance Measurement: Modulated laser, phase comparison method with red laser diode. Measuring Range: Reflectorless – With Kodak Gray Card, White side (90% reflective) 0.3 to 500m (1 to 1,640 ft.), Gray side (18% reflective) 0.3 to 250m (1 to 820 ft.); With Reflective Sheet Target – 1.3 to 500m (4.3 to 1,640 ft.); With ATP1 Prism – 1.3 to 1,000m (4.3 to 3,280 ft.); With 1 AP Prism – 1.3 to 5,000m (4.3 to 16,400 ft.), under good conditions – 1.3 to 6,000m (4.3 to 19,680 ft.). Accuracy: Reflectorless (Fine Mode) – 0.3 to 200m (1 to 650 ft.), (3+2ppm x D)mm; Over 200 to 350m (over 650 to 1,140 ft.), (5+10ppm x D)mm; Over 350 to 500m (over 1,140 to 1,640 ft.), (10+10ppm x D)mm; Reflectorless (Rapid Mode) – 0.3 to 200m (1 to 650 ft.), (6+2ppm x D)mm; Over 200 to 350m (over 650 to 1,140 ft.), (8+10ppm x D)mm; Over 350 to 500m (over 1,140 to 1,640 ft.), (15+10ppm x D)mm; With Prism – Fine, (2+2ppm x D)mm, Rapid, (5+2ppm x D)mm; With Reflective Sheet Target – Fine, (3+2ppm x D)mm, Rapid, (6+2ppm x D)mm. Auto-Tracking: Pulse laser transmitter and CCD detector with co-axial optics. Maximum Range (with ATP1 prism): 500m (1,640 ft.). Auto-Pointing: Pulse laser transmitter and CCD detector with co-axial optics. Range: With ATP1 Prism, 2 to 600m (6.5 to 1,960 ft.); With APO1 Prism, 2 to 1,000m (6.5 to 3,280 ft.). RC-PR4 Remote Control Unit Unit: Beam Emitter, Bluetooth® unit, and Magnetic compass sensor. Range: Standard Mode, 2 to 100m (7 to 320 ft.); Far Mode, 2 to 250m (7 to 820 ft.), 2 to 300m (7 to 980 ft.).
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BDC70 Li-ion Battery

Item#: 38654
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