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Blue-X Tree Shelters


Amplifies blue light to promote tree growth!


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Designed to protect seedlings and accelerate early growth, Blue-X Tree Shelters feature patented two-piece construction and create a beneficial microclimate to aid in seedling survival. Each tree shelter is comprised of a single sheet of blue plastic film which is inserted into a blue-tinted poly sleeve. The blue film produces amplified blue light to increase beneficial photosynthetically active radiation and boost tree diameter growth. In addition, the tree shelters block a significant amount of harmful UV light which can damage DNA and hinder growth. The poly sleeve can be removed when the tree shelter is no longer needed, and the plastic film can be stored for reuse. Each tree shelter measures 3-1/2 in diameter, has an outdoor life of 5 years, and is packaged flat for easy shipping and storage. Prices per 100 shelters. Stakes sold separately.

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  4 of 5


Like A. Boss



These tubes work great to protect young trees and shrubs and the greenhouse effect greatly accelerates growth. However, you need to plan ahead and make sure that they are adequately secured or one wind storm will take them down. We used bamboo. Epic fail.


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Habitat Program Manager, Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ


This product is great for protecting young "bare root" seedlings. We used the 2' tubes to protect 800 seedlings that were planted in April of 2009 for a small reforestation project in NJ. We will leave the product on the trees through the winter of 09/10 through to the next growing season. I do not know how well they withstand UV light but they are well worth the added cost of ensuring that reforestation projects are successful!


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