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VisPore® Tree Mats


Stop weeds for up to three years!


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One tree mat provides 9 square feet of weed-free soil and all of the water and minerals that weeds usually take. UV stabilized with carbon black for three years of weed control. 2.5 Mils thick (400 micropores/in2). Use ground staples (sold separately) to anchor tree mats. Place with dull, rough side down and shiny side up. Bundle of 100 mats (3’ x 3’ each).

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  5 of 5


H K Shumaker
Retired Computer System Designer, now a tree farmer


We planted 1000 hardwood seedlings (black walnut, red & white oak, green ash, bald cypress) in 1996 and another 2100 seedlings in 2002 using Tubex Tree Tubes and Visipore Tree Mats. We had no means of irrigation and moisture conservation was crucial as well as eliminating competition for the existing rainfall. We had a 95% survival rate and good growth. We found that the mats need to be drawn very tightly when stapled so that mowing would go over the mats and not rip them apart. The mats lasted more than the three years and are still intact around many of the original trees although grass has grown through them. The biggest problem losing trees now is mice and voles girdling trees during the winter. The Tree Tubes also provide a perch for birds as they poop and plant cherry trees, poison ivy and other undesirable vegetation inside the tubes. A simple but very effective system.


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