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Forestry Suppliers Tile Spade Planting Shovel



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Opens a deep, narrow hole for seedlings with long root systems. Blade is 14-1/2L x 5-1/4W, with welded reinforcement plate on back. Rubber padded footplates. 42 overall, 28 hickory handle with wooden D-grip.

14-1/2L x 5-1/4W Blade, 42 overall, 28 hickory handle with wooden D-grip

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Customer Reviews

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Bruce Sherman
Forest Steward


Very good shovel however the wooden handle is the weak link. It is better than the handles of most shovels but they do tend to break where they meet the metal. They really need to upgrade the wooden handle. Perhaps a carbon fiber handle would help. Also, because the metal neck is so deep, it is almost impossible to have replacement handles installed, so when the handle snaps at the neck, you pretty much have to toss the shovel.


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Christmas tree grower


While using this product the wooden part of the handle broke, as it broke it pivoted in my hand swung up and hit me on the chin splitting my lip wide open, I needed several stitches. The wooden part of this shovel cannot handle the stress.


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