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The stuff that legends are made of.
Built in the tradition of the first Ranger sold in the U.S. Featuring an aluminum bezel with graduations every 2°, and a special edition 75th Anniversary commemorative cover.
Dig into Spring Savings
It’s time to get ready for the growing season with new tools, implements, sprayers, fertilizers and herbicides. Check out our selection and tips for your soil preparation.
Nuisance Animal Control
Choose from a variety of different products to control nuisance wildlife on your property!
New Products
Check out some of the great new products you'll find in our latest catalog... maybe even some so new you won't!
Silky Saws
Take advantage of this limited offer to save big on Silky Saws!

Hudson SP2® Piston Pump Bak-Pak® Sprayer
Professional 4-gallon backpack sprayer is individually water-tested at the factory, ensuring the lowest defect and return rate in the industry! High pressure sprayer features a polyethylene tank marked in U.S. gallons, Imperial gallons, and...
Work Sharp® Knife and Tool Sharpener
Designed to sharpen all types of knives as well as axes, hatchets, mower blades, garden shears, shovels, scissors, and any other tool with a blade! This sharpener uses flexible, abrasive belts (coarse, medium, and fine grit belts, one of each...
ALPS Mountaineering Desert Pine Sleeping Bag
Designed to provide maximum insulation, loft, and compactness, the TechLoft+ insulation in this bag features multi-hole, staple-length micro-denier fibers with a siliconized finish. Other features include two-layer offset construction, contoured...
Dickies® Flame-Resistant Work Shirt
On-the-job comfort combined with superior electric arc protection make these flame-resistant work shirts a must have garment for standing up to harsh working conditions. Features include a generous sleeve length and fit across the shoulders,...
Gränsfors Bruk’s Splitting Hatchet with Collar Guard
This hatchet is easily managed with one hand. The head is forged and ground concave, to a very sharp, thin blade at the bit. This helps the axe to go fast into the wood pushing the wood apart as the thicker part hits. The axe has a 2-1/2” face...
Streamlight® Septor® LED Headlamp
Rugged and versatile, this headlamp offers your choice of three lighting modes using one, three, or seven ultra-bright white LEDs. The low battery indicator uses a flashing red LED to signal that battery voltage is low and batteries are near...