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The most versatile laser rangefinders in the world.
Compact and lightweight, TruPulse rangefinders/ hypsometers let you view through the lens so you can pinpoint the laser directly to your target... Up to 3280' away!
Dig into Spring Savings
It’s time to get ready for the growing season with new tools, implements, sprayers, fertilizers and herbicides. Check out our selection and tips for your soil preparation.
Nuisance Animal Control
Choose from a variety of different products to control nuisance wildlife on your property!
New Products
Check out some of the great new products you'll find in our latest catalog... maybe even some so new you won't!
Silky Saws
Take advantage of this limited offer to save big on Silky Saws!

ALPS Mountaineering Crescent Lake Sleeping Bag
The TechLoft+ insulation in this bag consists of multi-hole, staple-length micro-denier fibers that have a siliconized finish to ensure maximum insulation, loft, and compactness. Features two-layer offset construction, contoured hood, insulated...
Princeton Tec® Quad® II Headlamp
This intrinsically safe headlamp features two modes and uses four Ultrabright LEDs to provide a wide light beam, allowing you to work easily without glare or reflection. The Quad II features waterproof housing and can withstand water submersions...
Gränsfors Bruk’s Hand Hatchet
Easy to carry in a daypack, this small hand hatchet has a 9-1/2” long hickory handle. Use it for cutting kindling, sharpening stakes, building shelters, etc.The hatchet face measures 3” and the overall weight including the sheath is 1-1/2 lbs....
Glass Graduated Cylinders
Each cylinder features white enamel graduations and a plastic bumper guard. Calibrated “to deliver.” Cylinders comply with Class B, ASTM E1272, E542 standards.
Agratronix™ Soil Compaction Tester
Quickly determine the extent of subsurface soil compaction with this tester! A color-coded, stainless steel dial indicates if growing conditions are good (green), fair (yellow), or poor (red). The dial is liquid-filled to reduce shock. The...
ALPS Mountaineering Solitude Plus Backpack
This rugged pack features a large front pocket with a #10 zipper, two zippered side pockets, lower side mesh pockets, and a hydration pocket and port. Adjustable shoulder straps and a removable padded waist belt allow for a customized, comfortable...