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The most versatile laser rangefinders in the world.
Compact and lightweight, TruPulse rangefinders/ hypsometers let you view through the lens so you can pinpoint the laser directly to your target... Up to 3280' away!
Dig into Spring Savings
It’s time to get ready for the growing season with new tools, implements, sprayers, fertilizers and herbicides. Check out our selection and tips for your soil preparation.
Oregon PowerNow Products
ALWAYS READY o matter which tool you're using, just pull the trigger and you have instant start with constant no-fade power and long run time. Cleaner, quieter, and free from the hassles of gasoline or corded power,
New Products
Check out some of the great new products you'll find in our latest catalog... maybe even some so new you won't!
Silky Saws
Take advantage of this limited offer to save big on Silky Saws!

Fedco 5 Gallon Poly Fire Pump
Corrosion- and UV-resistant Poly tank will hold up to the harshest environments! Sturdy, black base has no drill holes (no possible leaks), providing a strong base for heavy use and abuse. The large handle at the top of the tank enables easy...
ANSI Class 2 Two-Tone Mesh Safety Vest
The best of both worlds! These vests have both hi-vis yellow and hi-vis orange with 2” silver reflective tape. Two vertical stripes and one 360° horizontal stripe are backed by ANSI compliant trim. 100% ANSI polyester mesh. One inside left...
YSI® MultiLab Model 4010-1 One-Channel Benchtop Meter
Designed for high accuracy lab testing, this meter features a single-channel input for measuring pH, ORP, conductivity, or optical-based dissolved oxygen/BOD. The meter stores 500 data sets in manual mode and 5,000 data sets in automatic logging...
Gränsfors Bruk’s Double Bit Working Axe
Ideal as a working axe! The head weighs 3 lbs. and the face of the bits is approximately 6”. The straight, hickory handle is 35”L. Comes with 2 grain-leather sheaths. Backed by a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Tubular Soil Sampler
One-piece, stainless steel tubular samplers are ideal for taking soil samples.
Haglöf Digitech Professional II Computer Caliper
The Digitech Professional II is a lightweight, versatile and super efficient measuring caliper, adapted for timber measuring, log scaling, and standing tree inventory. The jaws are designed for comfortable use in narrow spaces such as timber...