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What you need, when you need it, since 1949.

The most versatile laser rangefinders in the world.
Compact and lightweight, TruPulse rangefinders/ hypsometers let you view through the lens so you can pinpoint the laser directly to your target... Up to 3280' away!
Baron Luggage
Baron's Country collection is the natural choice for those who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle.
Plot Center Stick
Our very own creation, this heavy duty aluminum plot center stick features Biltmore Stick graduations as well as a threaded handle for use with many of today's electronic cruising tools!!!!
Value Center
Save Up to 30% in our Value Center Grab some savings on value-priced overstocked and inventory close-out items today!

Tech-Enabled Field Studies
By Roger T. Palmer and Thomas R. Baker. Carte Diem Press, 2013. An excellent guide to outside or “in the field” research techniques, this book focuses especially on tech-enabled methods, tools, and analysis. Includes information on...
EcoDuty™ Premium Biodegradable Stake
Made from 100% plant-based PHA resin, this ultra-strong stake is fully biodegradable and fully compostable-certified. Alternating ribs and double hooks provide maximum holding power on landscape fabrics, erosion control blankets,...
Seymour® Stripe™ Water-Based Inverted Tip Marker
Marks on soil, grass, gravel and pavement. Fast drying and long wearing! Operates in an inverted position. Spray tip empties the can without clogging! No fluorocarbons. Operating Temperature: 50°F to 90°F.
Comstock Double Door Wildlife Traps
These heavy-duty traps have powerful trap doors that instantly snap into place when the trap is triggered preventing animals from backing out when the trap fires. The traps are triggered by a Patent Pending swing bar push through...
Condor® Tool & Knife Village Parang Machete
The Village Parang’s blade combines the strength of 1075 high carbon steel with the distinctive look of the hand-hammered Condor® Classic finish. The machete also features a durable hardwood handle with a smooth grip. Includes a leather...
4D Vision™ Full Skeleton Frog Anatomy Model
This 8”L frog anatomy model includes 17 detachable, hand-painted organs and parts that are visible through the transparent body. Includes an illustrated assembly guide as well as descriptions of the frog’s anatomy, life cycle, and...