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Solinst® Levelogger® Edge

Used for pump and slug tests and long-term level monitoring.

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Solinst Levelogger Edge, 15’

Ideal for automatic recording of water levels in a wide range of groundwater and surface water applications including wells, lakes, streams, harbors, tanks, etc. The self-contained Levelogger Edge combines a Hastelloy® pressure sensor, temperature thermistor, 10-year lithium battery, and a datalogger with FRAM memory for 40,000 sets of data points (or up to 120,000 using the compressed linear sampling option). The components are sealed inside a compact 7/8˝ diameter x 6.25˝ long stainless steel housing with corrosion-resistant Titanium-based PVD coating. The Titanium-based PVD coating and Hastelloy® pressure sensor help ensure more stable readings in extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Using infrared data transfer, the Levelogger eliminates the need for expensive electrical cable, as well as problems associated with electrical interference. The Levelogger measures pressure and temperature and displays temperature compensated level readings and temperature readings. Choose from linear, event-based, or customizable recording schedule sampling. Streamlined software allows for easy datalogger programming and offers compressed and repeat sampling options. Simplified data compensation allows for multiple data files to be barometrically compensated at once. Absolute pressure (water pressure + atmospheric pressure) is measured and expressed in feet, meters, centimeters, psi, kPa, or mBar. To obtain the most accurate water level readings, use a Barologger Edge (sold separately) to compensate for atmospheric pressure. The Levelogger can be suspended on a wireline for effective concealment from vandals. You can also use an optional direct read cable to connect the Levelogger to the surface for easy downloading of data and reprogramming without removing the unit from the water. The Levelogger can be easily programmed using the optical reader included in either the optional standard communications package or the optional direct read communications package. After the Levelogger is placed in the optical reader and attached to your computer, just add your site information and choose a sampling regime. Measurements can then be taken immediately or at a future time of your choosing. Using the direct read communications package and a direct read cable assembly (each sold separately), data can be retrieved and reviewed from the Levelogger at any time. To connect the direct read cable, remove the top cap of the Levelogger and attach the cable. The other end of the cable is fitted with an infrared connector which attaches via a PC interface cable to your computer. If the Levelogger is suspended on wireline, remove the unit from the sampling site and place it in the optical reader attached to a computer to retrieve data.

Brand: Solinst
MPN: 110023
UNSPSC: 41114303

Maximum number of readings: 40,000 readings with FRAM memory or up to 120,000 using linear data compression. Sample interval: 0.125 seconds to 99 hours. Sampling modes: linear, event-based, or customizable recording schedule. Minimum system requirements: Processor, Pentium 166Mhz; Memory, 32MB or more; Display, VGA 800 x 600 pixels 256 color; RS232 COM port; Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or XP. Stainless steel level sensor – Accuracy: ±0.05% FS. Resolution: 24 Bit Resolution. Temperature sensor – Range: -20°C to 80°C. Accuracy: ±0.05°C. Resolution: 0.003°C. Power source: lithium battery (included). Battery life: 10 years.
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Options and Accessories

Solinst 100’ Direct Read Cable Assembly

For use with the Solinst Levelogger Edge.

Item#: 90732
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  • $170.00
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Solinst 50’ Direct Read Cable Assembly

For use with the Solinst Levelogger Edge.

Item#: 90731
  • Price:
  • $125.00
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Solinst Direct Read USB Communications Package

For use with the Solinst Levelogger Edge. Includes one optical reader and USB interface cable.

Item#: 90733
  • Price:
  • $341.00
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Solinst 4” Well Cap Adaptor

For use with the Solinst Model 3001 Lockable Well Cap Assembly for 2˝ Wells. Use this adapter when installing Leveloggers in a 4˝ well.

Item#: 90759
  • Price:
  • $23.00
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Solinst 2” Well Cap Assembly

For use with the Solinst Levelogger Edge. Supports up to two Leveloggers and ensures secure installation.

Item#: 90758
  • Price:
  • $22.00
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Solinst Biofoul Screen

For use with the Solinst® Levelogger® Edge, Levelogger® Jr. Edge, and Levelogger® Jr. LTC. Designed to reduce biofouling on the pressure sensor and conductivity cell of the Levelogger during extended deployments in coastal and seawater environments.

Item#: 90769
  • Price:
  • $76.75
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Optical Reader for Solinst Leveloggers

Includes optical reader, USB interface cable, and manual. Software is available as a free download from Solinst.

Item#: 90854
  • Price:
  • $151.00
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Solinst Slip Fit Adapter for 3001 Leveloggers

For quick, temporary connection to a Levelogger. Not recommended for long-term installations.

Item#: 90656
  • Price:
  • $60.95
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