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Forestry Suppliers Hip Chain®

For preliminary surveying, stakeout, distance verification, sampling grid layout, reconnaissance, timber cruising, and more

Item #: 39027
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Forestry Suppliers Hip Chain Distance Measurer, English

Just tie the line to a tree or other object and set the meter to zero. As you walk, the meter indicates the length of line pulled, giving you the distance you’ve traveled. Your hands are free for other tasks. After use, simply break and discard the disposable line, reset the counter, and you’re ready to measure again! High-impact plastic housing with belt loops to fit belts up to 2-1/4” wide. Line included. English or Metric models available. Precision counting meter resets to zero. Line included. Replacement line sold separately.

Product Notes

  • English Scales.

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Quick Specs

Brand Forestry Suppliers
MPN 39027
UPC 0758182222856
UNSPSC 41111600
Made In United States
Measuring capacity (without resetting meter): Feet to 99,999, meters to 9,999.9. Accuracy: within ±0.2%.

Quick Specs

Brand: Forestry Suppliers
MPN: 39027
UPC: 0758182222856
UNSPSC: 41111600
Made In: United States

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how can I reset the distance to zero?
For the metric version, item 39027, the counter is reset by a knob that is on the outside of the counter (the picture does not correctly show this online currently, 5/20/16). The English version, item 39027, the counter is reset by opening the top and a button on the actual counter is pressed to reset it.



After reading the two reviews I just had to add my comments. I've used my unit for over 35 years as a professional forester and surveyor. It has been very durable over the years and has taken its fair share of abuse. Only in the last couple of years have I had problems with the lid hinge to the extent that now it has completely broken but the unit is still in service. If I could buy a new lid it would save me some aggravation and I would be very happy. Otherwise, I'll make do.


I\'ve had the model 39027 for 20 years and it is still as durable as ever. The hidden reset prevents reset errors and the accuracy has put me within inches of totally hidden survey pins on large acreages (40 ac & more) - especially when triangulated on a perpendicular. I prefer the old style cotton line over the newer thread as it\'s easier to break if entangled, but the newer stuff also has the benefit of not parting as often when snagged on a small limb. I also do a lot of cross country orienteering work and have used this as my "anchor" to a known trail point...it\'s my way home if I have to backtrack and has been a life saver a number of times. My GPS is a nice technology feature for convenience, but when I have to be assured that my technology won\'t fail, this is ALWAYS in my back pack along with several rolls of white flagging tape for safety. I absolutely recommend this for any outdoor enthusiast as one who has payed out well over 100 miles of line with this product.


This product is poorly designed. To reset the counter you need to open the box. The interior mechanism just sits in the box. The hinge is made of plastic and does not appear durable. I used this for one day and returned it.