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Science Education

Forestry Suppliers has been a leader in environmental education for more than 65 years. The natural world is our profession, and guiding future generations to environmental awareness is our passion.

Education—especially science education—is not a one-size-fits-all kind of vocation. Introducing inquiring minds to all aspects of science is rewarding, and even more so, when you can see the light in your students' eyes as they make the connection with today's topics and contemporary culture. Because when students are aware; when they are interacting; when things finally "click" and they begin to understand the interdependencies of our planet's systems… Well, it just doesn't get any better than that.

Forestry Suppliers Science Scene

We all learn from experience, which is why science labs are particularly effective in teaching the interdependencies of our environment. Activities can generate the spark needed to move students beyond the book and into the field to become enlightened stewards of their own environment.

That's what Science Scene is all about. Science Scene is a topical blog and a Facebook community designed to help educators keep learning fun and exciting. We feature interviews and activities with educators who have been in the field and in the classroom to bring you concepts that work. In between, our blog looks at new products for the classroom, apps and other classroom aids, and takes you along on our own field excursions for even more ideas. Visit today!

Field Kits

Forestry Suppliers F.I.E.L.D. Kits

Fundamental Investigation of the Environment Leading to Discovery

We believe in making your job as a teacher easier. With this in mind, we have put together some kits complete with correlated Lesson Plans that combine some favorite products of teachers in a single economically priced package. Click on any kit you're interested in to discover all the possibilities!

F.I.E.L.D. Kits and Correlated Lesson Plans

F.I.E.L.D. Kit Description Correlated Lesson Plan
Entomology F.I.E.L.D. Kit

Collect and identify insects of all types. Preserve and mount specimens for indepth study.

Insect Study
Forestry Study F.I.E.L.D. Kit

Includes the tools needed to complete general forest studies. Designed to be used in conjunction with textbook and teacher resource Forestry Field Studies: A Manual for Science Teachers.

Tree Study

Learn the basics of GPS to explore and record the surrounding areas. Translate your data to maps and GIS data using ESRI® GIS Solutions for Education.

Using GPS
Meteorology F.I.E.L.D. Kit

Study and record rainfall, snowfall, maximum/minimum temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, barometric pressure, and cloud types.

Predicting the Weather
Orienteering F.I.E.L.D. Kit

Develop a sense of place and location. Learn basic mapping skills, the proper use of a compass, and execute orienteering activities.

Soil Analysis F.I.E.L.D. Kit

Collect, study, and analyze specific soil types and their composition. Learn to measure soil pH and moisture.

Measuring Soil Moisture
Measuring Soil pH
Tree Study F.I.E.L.D. Kit

Learn to determine different species, measure heights, determine volume of wood, and study annual growth rings by extracting a core sample.

Tree Study
Water Monitoring F.I.E.L.D. Kit

Perform complete biological analysis and chemical analysis of rivers, streams, and other aquatic sources.

Aquatic Life Study
Complete Lesson Plan Set