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Yamaha® 2000 Watt Generator




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UNSPSC: 26111600


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This inverter generator is whisper quiet, compact, and easy to transport. The Noise Block™ sound reduction system assures quiet operation, and the Smart Throttle™ technology varies engine speed based on the load to improve fuel economy. Pulse Width Modulation control allows the inverter to run items with built-in microcomputers or microcomputer-controlled electric tools. The auto warm up feature increases engine speed during cold starts to handle high power demands immediately. A USFS-approved spark arrestor prevents the release of sparks from the exhaust for added safety, and an Oil Watch warning system automatically shuts the engine off when the oil level is low. The generator also features a handy fuel gauge, a gasoline petcock that helps prevent carburetor contamination during storage, and a 12-volt battery charging system (cables included). Two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Engine Type: 4-stroke, OHV, air-cooled single cylinder. Displacement: 79cc. Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.1 gallons. Maximum AC Output: 2000 Watts. Rated AC Output: 1600 Watts. Continuous Operation at 1/4 Rated Load: 10.5 hours. Noise Level: 51.5 to 61 dBA. Weight: 44.1 lbs. Dimensions: 19.3”L x 11.0”W x 17.9”H.