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Leupold® RCX-1 Trail Camera System




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The 8 megapixel RCX-1 delivers high-resolution color images during the day, infrared images at night, and video. An exclusive handheld RCX controller provides complete control of the camera while in the field, and a single controller can be used with multiple RCX-1 cameras. Featuring a TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) active matrix 3” display, the RCX controller allows you to quickly scan, zoom, delete, or transfer photos and video in addition to easily adjusting the camera’s settings and position. Simply unplug the controller from the camera’s USB jack to move on and work with other RCX-1 cameras in the field. You can also plug the controller into your computer to download photos and videos to your hard drive. CMOS sensor technology ensures sharp, crisp images. At night, 36 PIR LEDs combine with XD image processing and advanced auto-exposure calculations to provide clear images. Using a special day/night sensor, the camera quickly adjusts exposure as light levels change. The RCX-1 features “blink-of-an-eye” trigger speed of less than one second, fast recovery between photos, compatibility with up to a 32 GB SDHC card, and extra long battery life. The camera frame is constructed of a high-impact ABS/polycarbonate blend shell for ultimate strength and protection of the internal elements.

Note: The controller included in the Leupold® RCX-1 Trail Camera System is required to operate and use additional Leupold® RCX-1 Trail Cameras.
Megapixels: 8. Camera Lens Angle: 54°. PIR Sensor: 45°. Maximum Trigger Range: 45 feet. Infrared LEDs: 36. Trigger Speed: Less than one second. Power: 8 AA batteries (not included).