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YSI Castaway CTD


Hydrographic profiling of conductivity, temperature, and depth.



Stock Number: 76450


UNSPSC: 41114300


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A hand deployable conductivity, temperature, and depth instrument for hydrologic profiling. An integrated LCD screen displays an intuitive user interface for deployment and immediate review of collected data including both statistics and profile plots. Integrated GPS virtually eliminates the need for field notes. The beginning and end of every cast is logged to the internal recorder with position and time. The watertight, compact design features a tough rubber jacket for additional durability in harsh conditions. The system utilizes Bluetooth wireless communication, so no field cables or connectors are needed. Two AA batteries power the CTD for several days at a time and are easily replaceable. The included GIS software quickly downloads data from each of your CastAway CTDs automatically over Bluetooth to show the location of each cast on an interactive map. Customize your CTD data, GPS information, and plot comparisons all in one place. Analysis, plotting, editing, and exporting of data are quick and easy tasks. Use the Castaway CTD with a standard line, fishing rod, diving reel or other such device (not included). Includes a rugged plastic case with a foam insert.

Conductivity: Range, 0-100,000 S/cm. Accuracy, 0.25% 5 S/cm. Resolution, 1 S/cm. Temperature: Range, -5C to 45C. Accuracy, 0.05C. Resolution, 0.01C. Pressure: Range, 0-100 dBar. Accuracy, 0.25% of FS. Resolution, 0.01 dBar. Salinity (Derived): Range, Up to 42 (PSS-78). Accuracy, 0.1 (PSS-78). Resolution, 0.01 (PSS-78). Sound Speed (Derived): Range, 1400-1730m/s. Accuracy, 0.15 m/s. Resolution, 0.01 m/s. GPS Accuracy: 10m. Sample Rate: 5Hz. Communications: Internal BlueTooth Radio (Class 2); up to 10m range. Dimensions: 2.8 Dia x 8H. Weight: 1.0 lbs, GPS: 10m accuracy; Acquisition time, 1 min. from cold start. Power: 2 Standard AA batteries for 40+ hours of operation. Recorder: 15 MB recorder; Good for 750+ casts during typical use.