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Global Water Flow Probe Hand-held Flowmeter


True velocity averaging provides outstanding accuracy!


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Ideal for storm run-off studies or flow measurings of rivers, streams, canals, and sewers. Incorporates true velocity averaging for the most accurate measurement possible. The probe shaft is available in lengths that extend from 3’ to 6’ and from 5’ to 15’. Located on the bottom tip is a protected Turbo-Prop sensor which uses the most advanced positive displacement technique available. For minimal friction, this 2” Turbo-Prop sensor rotates freely on a bearing shaft with no mechanical interconnections. Magnetic material in the propeller passes a pickup coil in the housing producing electrical impulses. These electrical impulses are then carried by wire to a readout display on top of the handle. This readout display amplifies and converts the signal into feet/meters per second readings. Instantaneous velocity and true average velocity are then displayed. A unique two-button keypad allows other functions to be displayed including minimum/maximum velocity, time-of-day, timer, totalizer for batch flows, and RPM for accurate low velocity measurement. Features a 30-record memory, padded gun-type carrying case, five-year long life battery for readout display (no battery required for Turbo-Prop), and low battery indicator. Probe can be extended up to 25’ with standard PVC pipe and electrical extension cable. One-year warranty from the manufacturer on the probe and battery.

Range: 0.3 to 19.9 FPS (0.1 to 6.1 MPS). Accuracy: average velocity ±0.1 FPS. Averaging: true digital running average. Display: LCD. Sensor Type: protected Turbo-Prop propeller with electromagnetic pickup. Weight: 2 lbs. Size: probe expands from 3’ to 6’ or from 5’ to 15’ (depending on model), sensor housing is 2” in dia. x 3”L. Materials: PVC handle and propeller housing, anodized aluminum shaft, stainless steel bearing. Power: Five-year long life battery. Operating temperature: -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C).

Customer Reviews

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Fredd Romero
Professor Environmental Sciences


We bought one last summer and after three or four time of use the display sensor got damage, didn´t get any lecture. We didn't return it because of the shipping and handling cost from Honduras.


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Mark Fenstermaker
engineering / environmental


I purchased one of these and it broke the second day on the job, (display went blank) so to finish the job I purchased another one and sent the display unit back for warranty. The second one purchased broke the third day I used it (the magnet fell off the propeller). I then took the propeller off the first probe to allow me to work, and the magnet fell off that one also. I cannot be the only one with these problems !!!!!


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