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Primary Standard GLOBE Kit



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The GLOBE program provides materials and infrastructure to support student inquiries in earth science. GLOBE supplies the protocols and instrument specifications so that students can document consistent and valid measurements of the environment that are comparable with data collected by others worldwide. To make instrument selection easier, a complete list of equipment and quantities necessary to complete a given GLOBE protocol is shown. Optional items pertinent to each protocol are noted separately to assist in developing the most comprehensive solution for your needs. All items meet or exceed GLOBE specifications to collect scientifically valid data. Standard GLOBE kits represent a minimal, entry-level approach to gathering GLOBE data, and are based on the recommendations of the GLOBE program. While each kit is complete by GLOBE standards, items can be purchased individually. Each Standard Kit contains items that conform to and can be used to obtain and record GLOBE data for a particular protocol. Standard GLOBE Kit contents, found in the first three columns of this chart, indicates items and quantities available in either the Primary, Middle or Secondary kits. Should your school already possess a Standard GLOBE Kit, this chart will help identify those items which are needed to complete a protocol, but are not included in the Standard Kit.

GLOBE is implemented by UCAR under a cooperative agreement from NASA. NASA and NSF are program sponsors, with support from NOAA and the Department of State. GLOBE, The GLOBE Program, and the GLOBE logo are trademarks of the U.S. Government. Use of these trademarks and certification by this company that its products conform to specifications of The GLOBE Program, do not imply endorsement of this company or its products by the U.S. Government.



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