Science Scene is a free downloadable magazine designed to inspire science educators to move students beyond the book and into the field.

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  • Discover methods to create an atmosphere of hands-on learning.

  • Inform students of ecosystems and their importance to the overall health of the planet.

  • Inspire students with inquiry-based skills that they will use throughout their lives.

Keep learning exciting with Science Scene.

We all learn from experience, which is why science labs are particularly effective in teaching the interdependencies of our environment. Activities can generate the spark needed to move students beyond the book and into the field to become enlightened stewards of their own environment.

That’s what Science Scene is all about. Science Scene is a downloadable magazine and a community Facebook page where science educators can obtain ideas and share methods that can help keep learning fun and exciting.

Topical resources delivered each issue.

Compiled and hosted by Forestry Suppliers’ Education Specialist Debbie Raddin, Science Scene is available as a free download for iPad, Android, and Amazon Kindle tablets.

Each issue features relevant environmental topics, and is presented in a format thatNGSS Logo expresses a strong scientific method, interwoven with STEM and Next Generation Science Standards foundations.

Share your ideas and insights with your colleagues.

Between issues, Science Scene hosts a dedicated Facebook page, inviting you to share your ideas and experiences about the things that work well for you in your classroom.

Science Scene is a FREE download for iPad, Android, and Amazon Kindle tablets.
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